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The Freightshakers - When The Whiskey Calls

I had heard of these guys, but until a few weeks ago hadn’t seen them live. You know how it is - they’re based in Orange County and who in their right mind goes there when you live in L.A.? 

Anyhow, they ended up playing a bar in San Juan Capistrano and billed it as Chicken Shit Bingo. If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s paying a few bucks to bet on where a caged hen will drop a turd. An hour drive to San Juan Capistrano to hang with the swallows then? OK, let’s go.

First off, the bar The Freightshakers played at, Swallows Inn? It’s one of those places covered head to toe in ephemera. Like going to a cowboy/biker version of McSorley’s in New York. 

The band played in the corner with the chicken close to the stage (bottom right). They play originals and the honky tonk classics, even with a little Dale Watson mixed in. The lead singer, Gethen, was a real personable guy - gave me shit about taking pics of the hen and then came out after the set and introduced himself by means of apologizing for said shit giving. 

Look…dancers! Everyone in LA is too cool for school when it comes to two-stepping at shows. Not here. They’ll boot scoot your ass out of the way if you’re just gawkin’ on the dance floor.

At the end of the day, there was good country music, awesome people watching, but unfortunately for this guy, no winning bingo numbers. 

If you’re in the California metropolitan region and like some hardcore honky tonk music, go see a show when they come around. Even if you’re not, The Freightshakers aren’t hard to find…

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